Resins Direct Tools

Preparing and painting floors to a professional standard requires quality tools which are fit for the job. From cleaning surfaces and tools to mixing and applying paint and resin, you'll find all the floor painting tools, accessories and supplies you need here.
For effective and time efficient application of epoxy and polyurethane floor paints, primers and sealers, a good quality, sturdy roller kit which minimises hair pile loss is highly recommended. You can get replacement roller sleeves to reduce cleaning times, or a complete tools and cleaning kit which includes everything you need to mix and apply Resins Direct flooring systems. If you need any assistance, contact our technical support team by live chat or email

12" Roller Sleeve



This is a strong, medium pile, shred resistant roller sleeve that will help to minimise the short hairs pulling off and staying in the coatings you are applying.  The sleeves.....

12" Roller Set



This is a professional roller kit that is designed for use on jobs of almost any size. There are sufficient consumables included to allow you to effectively apply two coatings......

12" Complete Tools & Cleaning Kit



This is a complete kit that contains everything you need to mix and apply our resin 2 coat flooring systems. It is professional and very strong to give a good.....

Resins Direct Solvent Cleaner - 1L


Suitable for use with epoxy resin floor coating and repairs. This product is mostly used for cleaning down tools after use and for smoothing off the epoxy resin repair products. .....

Hand Brush - 3" / 75mm



A good quality, solvent resistant paint brush that is suitable for use with epoxy and polyurethane coatings. Unvarnished wooden handle to help keep a firm grip on the brush.  Good.....

Spiked Roller with Handle - 9" Wide - 25mm Spikes



Supplied with a 1-2m Telescopic Handle. This Spiked Roller is strong, durable roller designed to remove voids and air bubbles our of cement/latex based screeds and can also be used.....

Spiked Over Shoes - Pair - 25mm Spikes



These Spiked Shoes are manufactured using a strong, solvent and chemical resistant plastic. Designed to be used over your existing work-boots to allow you to walk over screeds and resins.....

Resins Direct Acid Etching Solution - 5l



Resins Direct Acid Etching Solution is formulated to prepare concrete floors prior to coating. This product is used for cleaning your substrate and also provides a slight key, which aids.....

Hand Brush - 4" / 100mm



A good quality, solvent resistant paint brush that is suitable for use with epoxy and polyurethane coatings. Unvarnished wooden handle to help keep a firm grip on the brush.  Good.....

Mixing Paddle 0 - 15L



The perfect tool for mixing your twin pack resin products, designed with a dual twist to ensure a thorough mix. Just attach this paddle to your drill, mix each individual.....

Pin Leveller with handle (Screed Rake) - 24" Wide - Stainless Steel



This strong, stainless steel Pin Leveller is an excellent tool for gauging the depth of any screeding material. It works very well with cement/latex screed and all epoxy, polyurethane, polyester.....

10" Steel Trowel - Rectangle



This trowel is predominantly used for smoothing out larger areas of floor repair or for floating out floor screeds and coatings. There shape and strength helps to achieve a good.....

Hand Brush / Broom - 10" / 250mm



A strong, good quality, solvent and acid resistant brush that is for use of surface preparation by sweeping or scrubbing over etching products. It is suitable for use with epoxy,.....

7" Trowel - Bullnose



A simple, versatile bullnose trowel that is excellent for mixing and laying smaller quantities of resin coatings and repairs. The metal bullnose enables you to easily get into corners of.....

Anti-bacterial Face Coverings - Box of 20 - IN STOCK!! Only £2.95/unit - Treatment last for 20 Washes - PROVEN


Strong, Reusable & Machine Washable - IN STOCK Anti-bacterial treatment that lasts for 20 washes!!! - Lab Tested & Proven as per technical service report in the pictures.  Our Face coverings can.....