Resins Direct Tile & Floor Sealers

Seal concrete, tiled and wooden surfaces and make cleaning more effective by applying one of Resins Direct's Floor Sealers. Simply roll on a hard wearing, liquid and chemical spill resistant floor sealer to protect your floor from damp, damage and dirt. Resins Direct range of Clear Sealers hardened finish will be liquid resistant and dust-proof once sealed. For further information on how to choose and apply floor sealers, contact our technical support team by live chat or email

Clear Epoxy Resin Tile Sealer



This clear sealer is  packed with adhesion promoter additives that allow the product to be laid over ceramic and porcelain tile - It will even stick to glass!! It's extremely.....

Clear Polyurethane Floor Sealer


This is a hard wearing, completely clear UV Stable floor sealer that is non-yellowing and can be used on almost any surface. The product is a twin pack polyurethane resin.....

Coloured Epoxy Resin Tile Sealer



Our Coloured Epoxy Resin Tile Sealer is extremely easy to lay due to its 40-60 minute pot life, which means you can take your time to perfect your project. It's.....

Coloured Polyurethane Floor Sealer - UV Stable



This coloured version of our Clear Polyurethane Floor sealer is manufactured to order and is Solvent Based. Delivery time is estimated at 5-7 working days. This is a hard wearing,.....

Solvent Free Epoxy Primer/Sealer - Fast Set 4-6 Hour



A fast-curing, pure epoxy resin, high build epoxy primer designed for use on power-floated concrete or on weak and dusting surfaces. The product is designed for high penetration and getting.....

Solvent Free Epoxy Sealer



This is a high build epoxy clear sealer that is designed to penetrate into porous or weak surfaces and help strength the surface. As the product does not rely on.....