Resins Direct Concrete Repair Products

Fill and repair cracks in concrete floors, deep holes and chipped or splintered surfaces with Resins Direct's range of Concrete Repair Crack Fillers, Resins and Mortars. Our epoxy resin concrete repair products are quick drying and easy to apply so you can start using your factory floor, path, car park, garage floor or other concrete surface again in no time. Need help choosing your repair product? Contact our technical support team by live chat or email

Epoxy Concrete Crack Filler



An easy pour, super thin epoxy compound perfect for filling and repairing cracks from 0.1mm – 10mm wide. This twin pack epoxy resin cures in just 4 to 6 hours.....

1:1 Epoxy Concrete Repair



The 1:1 Epoxy Concrete Repair compound cures to 3 times the strength of standard concrete, making it ideal for any demand, purpose or weight limit. With a 70N/mm² compressive strength,.....

Resins Direct Fine Surface Filler



This is a fine surface filler for filling in fine cracks, screw holes, dents and any surface imperfections you may have. Extremely strong, only takes 20 minutes to cure before you can sand or paint......

Concrete Floor Repair Mortar - 3 Part Epoxy Resin



Incredibly tough, 3 part, epoxy resin, concrete floor repair is designed as a cost effective but long-lasting repair product. Ideal for concrete patching/smoothing and large concrete floor areas. Easily mixed.....

Damp Tolerant Concrete Floor Repair - 3 Part Epoxy Resin



If you are carrying our repairs to damp/wet concrete floors that cannot be thoroughly dried, this is the product for you. Specifically designed for use on damp and wet (no-standing.....

Epoxy Cove Form - 3 Part



Hygienic epoxy coving mortar for moulding and getting rid of those annoying corners that are hard to clean.  Strong adhesion for kitchen and laboratory worktops, bathroom, floor and wall coving.....

Instant Tarmac/Pothole Repair



An easy, no mixing or curing time and long lasting, hard repair product for tarmac, asphalt and concrete. You can apply Instant Tarmac/Pothole Repair no matter the weather! As it.....

Quickcure Concrete Repair - Deepfill 10-75mm - 25Kg


An easy-to-use, 2 part fast curing, cement based, concrete floor repair. Can be used in almost any environment. Very hard wearing and withstand 40-50 tonne traffic with no problem In just 3.....

Oil Tolerant Concrete Repair Mortar - 3 Part Epoxy Resin Mix



Specifically designed for use on oil and grease contaminated concrete floors. This 3 part, epoxy resin concrete repair mortar is very strong and will help to bind contaminates into the.....

Quickcure 1 Hour Concrete Repair - 10Kg



Rapid 1 Hour Cure Time!! An easy-to-use, 2 part fast curing, cement based, concrete floor repair. Very hard wearing and will withstand heavy traffic with no problem In just 1 hour!!.....