Epoxy Primers for Concrete Floors and Other Surfaces

Prepare, prime and protect your floor before painting or finishing with Resin Direct's professional epoxy floor primers and sealers. Whatever your floor priming challenge is, we have a primer to meet your demands every time, at a low price every time.

Water-Based Concrete Primer - Epoxy



This primer is incredibly easy to lay. With a 60-90 minute pot life, you can take your time to give the floor a very good prime. This is or most.....

Damp Tolerant Epoxy Primer



An epoxy primer that is designed for use on damp or new concrete floors. Our Damp Tolerant Primer is a twin pack, 100% solids pure epoxy resin primer to help.....

Oil Tolerant Epoxy Primer



For use on oil, grease and chemical contaminated floors. Has superb adhesion to well prepared oily and greasy substrates and is uniquely formulated to suppress and hold back oils and.....

Damp Tolerant Epoxy Primer - Fast Set



A fast curing version of the Damp Tolerant Epoxy Primer that is designed for use in areas that need minimum downtime. The product is ready for over coating in 8-10.....

Solvent Free Epoxy Primer/Sealer



This is a high build epoxy primer that is designed to penetrate into porous or weak surfaces and help strength the surface. As the product does not rely on water.....

Rapid Epoxy Primer - 1 Hour


This is an incredibly fast curing, pure epoxy resin primer. It is designed for use on almost any surface and gives a very fast turnaround. With a primer this quick, it.....

Solvent Free Epoxy Primer/Sealer - Fast Set 4-6 Hour



A fast-curing, pure epoxy resin, high build epoxy primer designed for use on power-floated concrete or on weak and dusting surfaces. The product is designed for high penetration and getting.....

Oil Tolerant Epoxy Primer - Fast Set



Extra fast hardening version of our Oil Tolerant Primer For use on oil, grease, chemical and damp contaminated floors. Has superb adhesion to well prepared oily and greasy substrates and.....

Chemical Resistant Epoxy Primer



This is a 100% solids, high build epoxy formulation, designed to bond onto concrete surfaces that will require excellent chemical resistance. It is thin enough to penetrate and stabilise the.....

Our all purpose, easy to lay, great value Water Based Concrete Primer can be laid on new and old concrete, wood, asphalt, metal and glass and is solvent free whilst resistant to oil and chemical spills. As well as the classic primer, you can get fast setting versions which are ready to go in 4 - 6 hours or a rapid setting, pure epoxy resin primer which cures in just 1 hour.

Our specialist primers are developed for specialist environments. If you need to hold back rising damp, try the twin pack, 100% solids pure epoxy resin primer which repels water and can be used on concrete with up to 60% moisture content.

For maximum tolerance of oil and grease, our uniquely formulated Oil Tolerant Primer can be applied to oily substrates and stops bubbling, flaking and rising oil, so your workshop, warehouse or garage floor remains strong and bonded for longer. If you're working against the clock, our Fast Set Oil Tolerant Epoxy Primer cures in 6-8 hours so you can paint and use the next working day.

In sensitive areas that require a stable, chemical resistant surface, our high build epoxy floor primer is chemical resistant, solvent free and resists specialist aviation, engineering and rail composites such as Skydrol aviation fluid.

Not sure which primer to pick? Contact our technical support team by live chat, email info@resins.direct or phone 01933 830 430.