Mezzanine Floor Paint and Coatings

From specialist Mezzanine Floor paints to high build flexible floor coatings formulated for mezzanine floors with softer surfaces, Resins Direct have developed the ideal mezz floor coverings for your balcony, intermediate floor or other industrial suspended floor.

Mezzanine Floor Paint


This is a water-based, twin pack epoxy resin coating system. It is highly flexible and always for the movement experienced on mezzanine floors. It is unique formulated to allow the product.....

Flexible Floor Coating - High Build Epoxy


A highly flexible, high build epoxy resin floor coating. Suitable for use on asphalt, wood and other softer surfaces. The provide has all the properties of a hard-wearing epoxy resin.....

Mezzanine floors are prone to movement so our water based, twin pack epoxy resin coating system for mezzanine floors is highly flexible to cope with more pliant flooring systems. Choose from 14 colours and shades of mezzanine floor paint to suit your warehouse, garage, factory or production facility and apply it easily on concrete, wood, stairs and high traffic areas with a long lasting finish.

For a chemical and abrasion resistant surface, Resins Direct have developed a high build epoxy coating for softer mezzanine materials including wood and asphalt. This provides a hard wearing and long lasting finish in either a slip resistant or smooth coating. A full range of professional colours including reds, greens, greys and blacks mean you can coat your mezzanine floor to match your brand or purpose.

If you need help choosing the right mezzanine floor paint or calculating the quantity for your job, get in touch with the Resins Direct team today. You can use the live chat feature, email or phone 01933 830 430.