Resins Direct Kennel and Cattery Products

From professional animal boarding facilities, to preparing an area in your home for household pets; we have the perfect flooring solution for you. Resins Direct have formulated a floor coating that will provide an excellent, solid and easy to clean resin finish. Our Kennel and  Cattery Epoxy Floor Paint is also non-toxic and non-taint, completely impervious and highly scratch resistant. For more information or advice on what primer to use along with your coating, contact our team on LiveChat or by emailing

Damp Tolerant Epoxy Primer



An epoxy primer that is designed for use on damp or new concrete floors. Our Damp Tolerant Primer is a twin pack, 100% solids pure epoxy resin primer to help.....

Kennel & Cattery Epoxy Floor Paint



Our Kennel & Cattery Epoxy Floor Paint is perfect for your surface due to it's hard wearing and abrasion resistant finish. It's also highly chemical resistant, so it will withstand.....

Solvent Free Epoxy Sealer



This is a high build epoxy clear sealer that is designed to penetrate into porous or weak surfaces and help strength the surface. As the product does not rely on.....

Damp Tolerant Epoxy Primer - Fast Set



A fast curing version of the Damp Tolerant Epoxy Primer that is designed for use in areas that need minimum downtime. The product is ready for over coating in 8-10.....

Kennel & Cattery Epoxy Floor Painting Bundle - 20sq.m



If you are looking for a complete package for your kennel or cattery floor, or need an animal friendly coating for your pets that provides a hard-wearing epoxy resin finish then.....