Expansion Joint Fillers and Joint Sealant

Shop flexible fillers and sealants for expansion and movement joints. Our joint fillers and repair fillers are easy to use, quick to dry and offer significant joint movement to fill concrete and paving slab gaps, industrial warehouse and factory floors, office car parks, garage, petrol station and car dealership forecourts and all kinds of construction joints.

Epoxy Expansion Joint Filler



Our Most Popular Expansion Joint Filler / Repair This product has always been our best 'go-to' expansion joint filler because it is very easy to use, high effective and economically.....

Polyurethane Expansion Joint Filler



A high strength, twin pack expansion joint filler that will cure hard (to protect the shoulders/edges of the joints) but will maintain excellent flexibility and elasticity.  It is highly chemical.....

Quickcure Expansion Joint Filler



Rapid Setting - Ready for use in just 1 hour!! This is a fast, effective and economically priced expansion joint filler. Commonly used in high traffic, or limited downtime environments......

Choose our Quickcure Expansion Joint Repair Filler to seal, repair and protect internal and external joints in under an hour. With up to 100% joint movement, this sealant accommodates all weathers and temperatures down to 0ºC and reduces concrete spalling around joints, stops chemical infiltration and stops slips, trips and falls for pedestrians.

Need a highly effective, non-toxic Epoxy based filler? Our most popular Expansion Joint Filler / Repair product is widely used in every industry section as it is non-toxic and non-taint so it can be used in food and hygienic environments. It also has very good fuel, oil, water & chemical resistance for use in vehicle, industrial and food environments.

For a high strength, hard curing fill with excellent flexibility and elasticity, try the twin pack Polyurethane Expansion Joint Filler. The combination of a hard outer with elastic inner makes the filler perfect for heavy constant traffic areas and its water and chemical resistance means it can be used internally or externally in wet or dry environments.

For advice on the best expansion joint filler for your project, contact our technical support team by live chat, email info@resins.direct or phone 01933 830 430.