Give your garage floor a new lease of life with Resins Direct's market leading Garage Floor paint range. Each of our garage floor paints has been specially formulated to provide a professional finish and long lasting durability and colour pigment to reduce the frequency of re-applying your garage coating.

High Build Garage Floor Paint - Fast Set



Our High Build Garage Floor Paints is a fast curing twin pack epoxy resin that will cure for traffic in just 6-8 hours. Widely used through the garage and motor.....

High Build Garage Floor Paint



Our High Build Garage Floor Paints is widely used through the garage and motor garage industry because it is very hard wearing, chemical and abrasion resistant. This twin pack, epoxy.....

Garage Floor Paint



Our Garage Floor Paint is a highly pigmented, easy to lay, water-based epoxy resin coating that will provide a long-lasting, hard wearing resin finish. It has a 45-60 minute pot.....

Oil Tolerant Epoxy Primer



For use on oil, grease and chemical contaminated floors. Has superb adhesion to well prepared oily and greasy substrates and is uniquely formulated to suppress and hold back oils and.....

Complete Garage Floor Painting Set - Covers 100-120sq.m



If you are looking for a complete package to coat your commercial garage floor to provide a hard-wearing epoxy resin finish, this set should be the answer to all of.....

Rapid Epoxy Primer - 1 Hour


This is an incredibly fast curing, pure epoxy resin primer. It is designed for use on almost any surface and gives a very fast turnaround. With a primer this quick, it.....

Chemical Resistant Floor Paint



The chemical resistant floor paint is a high strength, epoxy floor coating that is designed for use in almost any environment that will be subject to chemicals. The floor paint's resistance to chemicals.....

Oil Tolerant Epoxy Primer - Fast Set



Extra fast hardening version of our Oil Tolerant Primer For use on oil, grease, chemical and damp contaminated floors. Has superb adhesion to well prepared oily and greasy substrates and.....

Our most popular Garage Floor Paint is easy to lay and can be applied to wood, concrete and asphalt surfaces, previously painted floors and old concrete to revitalise any garage. The special formula is resistant to oils and domestic chemicals once laid for easy cleaning and maintenance to help protect the integrity of the floor. The water based epoxy resin coating is available in a smooth or slip resistant finish and a choice of 12 colours and 2 pot sizes so picking the right paint for the job is simple.

For garage floors with specific requirements, we've developed a High Build garage paint that provides excellent resistance to chemical and fuel spills, brake cleaners, ad-blue and coolant splashes and other common garage fluids and greases. The high build garage floor paint is 8 times thicker than standard single pack garage floor paints, meaning the surface will not wear away from abrasion, even under heavy traffic. A high gloss, bold coloured, slip resistant finish keeps the garage bright, safe and easy to clean. During busy periods and quick turnarounds, the high build garage floor paint is available in a fast set version, ready for traffic again in just 6-8 hours.

For a complete package to coat your garage floor and add a hard wearing epoxy finish, we provide all of the tools, primers and paint you will need in one easy to use kit. Tailor the garage floor painting kit to your requirements with the full choice of primers and slip finishes, and apply a professional commercial grade finish with a precise roller with cage, frame and bucket. With 4 hand brushes, mixing paddle and solvent cleaner also included you can be sure of a total and consistent coating. If you need help choosing the right garage floor paint or calculating the quantity for your job, get in touch with the Resins Direct team today. You can use the live chat feature, email or phone 01933 830 430.