Damp Tolerant Paint and Coatings

Resins Direct's professional damp tolerant paints, primers and floor repair resins are specifically designed for use in wet environments or areas of rising damp. Suitable for application on moist surfaces thanks to specialist water repellent additives, our Damp Tolerant flooring products form a complete seal and an impermeable moisture barrier on concrete floors of all ages and conditions.

Damp Tolerant Epoxy Primer



An epoxy primer that is designed for use on damp or new concrete floors. Our Damp Tolerant Primer is a twin pack, 100% solids pure epoxy resin primer to help.....

Damp Tolerant Concrete Floor Repair - 3 Part Epoxy Resin



If you are carrying our repairs to damp/wet concrete floors that cannot be thoroughly dried, this is the product for you. Specifically designed for use on damp and wet (no-standing.....

Damp Tolerant Epoxy Primer - Fast Set



A fast curing version of the Damp Tolerant Epoxy Primer that is designed for use in areas that need minimum downtime. The product is ready for over coating in 8-10.....

Oil Tolerant Epoxy Primer - Fast Set



Extra fast hardening version of our Oil Tolerant Primer For use on oil, grease, chemical and damp contaminated floors. Has superb adhesion to well prepared oily and greasy substrates and.....

Our damp tolerant epoxy primer is used widely on new concrete floors which have not fully cured and is equally effective to make old floors with up to 60% moisture content as good as new. The twin pack specialist formulation merges during curing to form a tenacious water barrier packed with water repellent additives and can coat an area of 20 square metres.

For projects which need a quick turnaround and minimum downtime, Resins Direct have created a fast curing version of our Damp Tolerant Epoxy Primer which can be ready for coating over in just 8 hours. With the same properties as our standard primer and a faster cure time, you get fast and professional results even when used on drying concrete or damp surfaces.

Need to repair a damp floor or areas of a wet floor before coating or recommencing usage? Our Damp Tolerant Concrete Floor Repair Resin is a three part epoxy resin mortar which binds to surfaces even if they are damp. Simply mop any standing water and apply the three part resin which cures overnight to accept heavy traffic the very next day. The resulting repair is very strong and can be trowelled to a smooth or slip resistant finish, whether inside a warehouse, garage or other building or in an external car park, pavement or outdoor space.

If you need help choosing the right damp proof finish or calculating the quantity for your job, contact our technical support team by live chat, email info@resins.direct or phone 01933 830 430.