Floor Paint and Coating Products

Get the perfect floor paint for your project or professional renovation with Resin Direct's floor coating range. From specialist flexible high build and self-levelling epoxy coatings to complete Garage Floor Painting Sets with primer, paint and accessories, all of our resin floor paint products come in a range of eye-catching colours and are designed to be hard-wearing and high performing.

Heavy Duty Warehouse Epoxy Floor Paint



Heavy Duty Warehouse Epoxy Floor Paint is a heavy duty concrete floor paint perfect for warehouse and factory floors. The coating will withstand very heavy vehicle right up to articulated.....

Heavy Duty Warehouse Epoxy Floor Paint - Fast Set



A fast curing version of our Heavy Duty Warehouse Epoxy Floor Paint.  This is a fast curing version to enable you to get the area back into use again quickly......

Garage Floor Paint



Our Garage Floor Paint is a highly pigmented, easy to lay, water-based epoxy resin coating that will provide a long-lasting, hard wearing resin finish. It has a 45-60 minute pot.....

3mm Self-levelling Epoxy Floor Paint - 26.5Kg



Our 3mm  self-smoothing epoxy screed is formulated using innovative, cutting edge resin technology that is designed to allow the product to flow freely whilst maintaining its depth and durability. Air.....

High Build Garage Floor Paint



Our High Build Garage Floor Paints is widely used through the garage and motor garage industry because it is very hard wearing, chemical and abrasion resistant. This twin pack, epoxy.....

High Build Garage Floor Paint - Fast Set



Our High Build Garage Floor Paints is a fast curing twin pack epoxy resin that will cure for traffic in just 6-8 hours. Widely used through the garage and motor.....

Epoxy Line Marking Paint



This is a fast curing, solvent based, epoxy resin line marking system that is very versatile and can be used in any environment. With an incredible 18 hour pot life.....

Flexible Floor Coating - High Build Epoxy


A highly flexible, high build epoxy resin floor coating. Suitable for use on asphalt, wood and other softer surfaces. The provide has all the properties of a hard-wearing epoxy resin.....

Chemical Resistant Floor Paint



The chemical resistant floor paint is a high strength, epoxy floor coating that is designed for use in almost any environment that will be subject to chemicals. The floor paint's resistance to chemicals.....

Mezzanine Floor Paint


This is a water-based, twin pack epoxy resin coating system. It is highly flexible and always for the movement experienced on mezzanine floors. It is unique formulated to allow the product.....

Non-Slip Aggregate


This aggregate is either Calcined Bauxite or an Aluminium Oxide stone. These products work very well as a non-slip aggregate because the stone is angular and can be supplied in.....

Driveway Paint



This is a tough, long-lasting driveway restoration product. It's an acrylic, water-based paint that is designed for use on almost any surface. Our Driveway Paint is commonly used on tarmac,.....

Our Garage Floor paint is widely used throughout the garage and motor industry for its hardwearing, chemical and abrasion resistant properties. The paint is ideal for garage floors of all shapes, sizes and uses, with a choice of smooth or slip resistant finishes, in 12 different colours and standard, high build and fast setting varieties.

For larger structures such as warehouses, breweries, dairy plants, engineering facilities and industrial zones, our specially formulated Warehouse Floor paint is chemical and impact resistant. Once the warehouse floor paint has dried it is very easy to clean and maintain, making a hygienic and long-lasting solution for food preparation and handling areas or medical facilities. With a heavy duty variety available and a fast set option which accepts traffic in just 12-16 hours, our warehouse paint is quick to apply but ultra long lasting, even when chemical usage is common.

Innovative resin floor paint products like Mezzanine Floor Paint, which is highly flexible and allows for the movement of the mezz floor, and self levelling, epoxy floor paint which releases air bubbles during the floor painting process are available for your specific needs.

If you need help choosing the right floor paint or quantity, get in touch with the Resins Direct team today. You can use the live chat feature, email info@resins.direct or phone 01933 830 430.