10" Steel Trowel - Rectangle


This trowel is predominantly used for smoothing out larger areas of floor repair or for floating out floor screeds and coatings. There shape and strength helps to achieve a good.....

12" Complete Tools & Cleaning Kit



This is a complete kit that contains everything you need to mix and apply our resin 2 coat flooring systems. It is professional and very strong to give a good.....

12" Roller Set



This is a professional roller kit that is designed for use on jobs of almost any size. There are sufficient consumables included to allow you to effectively apply two coatings......

12" Roller Sleeve


This is a strong, medium pile, shred resistant roller sleeve that will help to minimise the short hairs pulling off and staying in the coatings you are applying.  The sleeves.....

1:1 Epoxy Concrete Repair



The 1:1 Epoxy Concrete Repair compound cures to 3 times the strength of standard concrete, making it ideal for any demand, purpose or weight limit. With a 70N/mm² compressive strength,.....

3mm Self-levelling Epoxy Floor Paint - 26.5Kg



Our 3mm  self-smoothing epoxy screed is formulated using innovative, cutting edge resin technology that is designed to allow the product to flow freely whilst maintaining its depth and durability. Air.....

7" Trowel - Bullnose


A simple, versatile bullnose trowel that is excellent for mixing and laying smaller quantities of resin coatings and repairs. The metal bullnose enables you to easily get into corners of.....

Anti-bacterial Face Coverings - Box of 20 - IN STOCK!! Only £2.95/unit - Treatment last for 20 Washes - PROVEN


Strong, Reusable & Machine Washable - IN STOCK Anti-bacterial treatment that lasts for 20 washes!!! - Lab Tested & Proven as per technical service report in the pictures.  Our Face coverings can.....

Bathroom Epoxy Floor Paint



Our Bathroom Epoxy Floor Paint is an easy to lay, water-based epoxy resin coating that is heavily pigmented and manufactured to provide a long-lasting resin finish to you bathroom floor......

Bathroom Floor Painting Bundle - Epoxy - Covers 25-30 sq.m



If you're looking for a complete package to coat your bathroom floor, then this set is the answer to all your needs.  With Resins Direct Bathroom Epoxy Floor Paint, you'll no longer need.....

Chemical Resistant Epoxy Primer



This is a 100% solids, high build epoxy formulation, designed to bond onto concrete surfaces that will require excellent chemical resistance. It is thin enough to penetrate and stabilise the.....

Chemical Resistant Floor Paint



The chemical resistant floor paint is a high strength, epoxy floor coating that is designed for use in almost any environment that will be subject to chemicals. The floor paint's resistance to chemicals.....

Clear Epoxy Resin Tile Sealer



This clear sealer is  packed with adhesion promoter additives that allow the product to be laid over ceramic and porcelain tile - It will even stick to glass!! It's extremely.....

Clear Polyurethane Floor Sealer


This is a hard wearing, completely clear UV Stable floor sealer that is non-yellowing and can be used on almost any surface. The product is a twin pack polyurethane resin.....

Coloured Epoxy Resin Tile Sealer



Our Coloured Epoxy Resin Tile Sealer is extremely easy to lay due to its 40-60 minute pot life, which means you can take your time to perfect your project. It's.....

Coloured Polyurethane Floor Sealer - UV Stable



This coloured version of our Clear Polyurethane Floor sealer is manufactured to order and is Solvent Based. Delivery time is estimated at 5-7 working days. This is a hard wearing,.....

Commercial Garage Floor Painting Bundle - Epoxy - Covers 100-120sq.m



If you are looking for a complete package to coat your commercial garage floor to provide a hard-wearing epoxy resin finish, this set should be the answer to all of.....

Commercial Kitchen Epoxy Floor Paint – FoodSafe



Commercial Kitchen Epoxy Floor Paint is a tough, hard wearing floor paint perfect for your commercial kitchen floor. It can be used around ovens and hot objects, as long as direct.....

Commercial Kitchen Floor Painting Bundle



If you are looking for a complete package to coat your commercial kitchen floor to provide a hard-wearing epoxy resin finish, this set should be the answer to all of your.....

Concrete Floor Repair Mortar - 3 Part Epoxy Resin



Incredibly tough, 3 part, epoxy resin, concrete floor repair is designed as a cost effective but long-lasting repair product. Ideal for concrete patching/smoothing and large concrete floor areas. Easily mixed.....